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wowbeat.net is graphic / media site started since january 22th, 2014. wowbeat covers anime con's, concerts and other events and review products. wowbeat works along side with dorkistic on events and projects.

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Kpopfan Interview with Morena
1. Hello! please introduce yourself to the readers of wowbeat. 
Hola! I am Morena from The Netherlands.

2. When did you start listening to Kpop?
Sometime in 2008.

3. How did you come in touch with the genre? 
A friend of mine showed me Big Bang's "Haru Haru". The music video was just released and she was so enthusiastic about it that I got interested and watched it. Since then my life got all about K-pop, hihi.

4. And how would you describe kpop?
I think that K-pop is a wide spectrum of pop music where anyone can find songs that they like. The production of everything from the song to the choreography and the music video is of high quality.

5. Name your top 3 favorite albums that you own.
(1) VIXX- Voodoo, (2) SHINee- The Misconception Of Us , (3) EXO- EXODUS.

6. Which group/artist is your favorite at this moment?

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VIXX Hongbin (Right) & F(x) Amber (Left)
7. Which song have you been listening to the most recently?
VIXX- Fantasy.

8. Do you look up the translations of the songs that you listen to?
I do not do that to every song that I listen to.

9. Who is your ultimate Male and Female bias at this moment?
At this moment VIXX's Hongbin en f(x)'s Amber

10. Do you listen more to male or female groups/artists? 
Somehow I lean more to boy groups and artists. To me, most girl groups are all about sexy dances and songs or very high-pitched singing; which I dislike most of the times.

11. Have you ever been in a fanwar?
I have been in a few fanwars on Twitter, but I was trying to stop it most of the times. I highly dislike fanwars.

12. Do you associate yourself with a fandom? 
I am a STARLIGHT, Shawol, VIP, Tinkerbell and EXO-L. I also like other groups, but I think that I have to know more about those to officially get into the fandom.

13. Has KPop been an influence for something in your life besides listening to the music?
It may sound very cheesy, but K-pop is my life. I really like the Korean culture as in the language, food and country overall. Never did I have such a big love for a country. In the future, I would love to travel and learn more about the culture. I am in the beginning of learning Korean and I am even considering moving to South-Korea.

14. What do you think about the KPop industry? For example: the trainee-world, how some artists are treated and the many rumors and scandals.
I think as the K-pop industry as chaotic: Some trainees and artists are treated in a very negative way and every little thing or rumor creates a scandal which all highly influences an artists' life. Rookies have a little chance in the industry and has to work even harder than the already populair artists. But I got to say that the quality and effort that is put into every production, song, music video, album and concert is very great and high-leveled.

15. If you want to send a message to any artist/group right now, to who do you want to send it and what will your message be?
I would like to say to VIXX that I am really grateful that I have got to know them and that I am proud to call myself a STARLIGHT. The members work very very very hard and are still humble and dorky after the four years they have been into the K-pop world. I love them to bits and I hope that they will be into the picture for a very long time. May they be healthy and very happy every day! <3

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