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Yes you have heard it right! BLOCK B is coming to Europe in February 2017. They will be coming to these following cities.

24.02.2017: BLOCK B 2017 Live Blockbuster in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
26.02.2017: BLOCK B 2017 Live Blockbuster in Helsinki, Finland
28.02.2017: BLOCK B 2017 Live Blockbuster in Lisbon, Portugal
03.03.2017: BLOCK B 2017 Live Blockbuster in Budaest, Hungary
05.03.2017: BLOCK B 2017 Live Blockbuster in London, United Kingdom

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Anime Review: AIR
Name: AIR
Episodes: 13
Genre: Slice of Life, Supernatural, Drama, Romance
Opening Theme: 鳥の詩 (Tori no Uta) by Lia
Ending Theme: Farewell Song by Lia (Episode 1- 12), 鳥の詩 (Tori no Uta) by Lia (Episode 13)

After hearing a old childhood tale from his mother, Yukito Kunisaki goes on a journey in search of the girl in the sky. He travels from town to town with his puppet show to make some money.
In the next small town, Yukito meets a girl named Misuzu Kamio and things change quickly when he is invited to stay with her.

Not expected to stay long in the small town, Yukito meets the locals and as he get's to know them better, he learns of their problems and puts his search for the girl in the sky on hold and helps his new friends with their problems.

Opinion: (contains spoilers from the anime! you have been warned)

AIR is one of the first anime's that i have seen. The reason why i watched it was because i really loved the art and that didn't change when i watched it.

The story is sometimes very difficult to follow as it goes back 1000 years ago in episode 8 and 9, and in the special AIR in Summer the story continues in that time setting.

After the 1000 year episode, the story continues with Misuzu from a different point of view. It might all be very confusing but in the end everything makes sense.

If you are going to watch this anime then i also recommend that you buy
a tissue box or two because you will need it.

The anime is short, but very beautiful and interesting but sometimes hard to follow, the opening and the ending fit the story and especially the opening is one of my favorite anime openings.

I give AIR a 10/10 because it's perfect, from the art, music, story line. I can't put more words into it other then go watch it.


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