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I need therapy lalala therapy
On february 8th 2014, i went to paris with a group of friends. I had to wake up at half 6 to get ready for my train to Rotterdam. I know it´s early, i was so tired but also very excited. But then the stupid train spoiled my mood because in Amsterdam we stood still for 8 minutes for a red light and i was suppose to pick someone up in utrecht central and i was scared that i would be to late but after 8 minutes the train was on his way and i was still on time to pick up that friend. When we were in Rotterdam we went straight to starbucks to get coffee, wich i really needed because it was to early. After that everyone got together and we talked a bit and then our journey started to go to paris to see VIXX the next day. The bus ride was horrible for me, because i got sick so i could only drink and not eat because i would feel like i had to throw up. But the others made it fun, but eventually i fell asleep because i got so tired and Morena took pictures of my cuteness because apparently when i´m asleep i´m very cute. After 7 hours we finally reached Paris and we had to go with the subway and I never drove a subway before so for me it was scary because the station seriously looked like one in a K-horror one and i felt really uncomfortable. But i survived and didn't saw a ghost or something, Around 8 i think we arrived at our hotel and checked in and unpacked our suitcases and looked out of the window and talked about VIXX and then we went to eat and after eating dinner we went back to our rooms and talked more about VIXX who we would meet the next day!

I think we went to bed around 2-3 AM and our alarm clocks went off around 5:15am - 5:30am and then we were so excited and awake but 5:30am is early and i seriously had trouble with waking up. But we went to the venue and when we came there i was so happy because we were like almost in front! and then the staff came with blankets and food and drinks they really took good care of us the whole day. but the moment i sat down on the ground with my winx fleece blanket i got tired, at one point i even fell asleep for maybe a hour and half because when i woke up it was light. I can seriously sleep everywhere just like Ravi.

When i got up i saw the waiting line became bigger and i saw people walking with VIXX lightsticks that i really wanted to have so Muffy went upstairs to check and said that the staff was selling the unofficial ones so we went back upstairs and i bought it! i was so happy because i really wanted this lightstick. many many hours laters it became crowed and everyone got really excited when the official lightsticks were getting solded and some skaters played VIXX and we all got very hyper.

and then finally after 13 hours waiting we could go inside and the whole day i wasn't nervous or anything but when i stood there only a few meters away from the stage, i got nervous and my hands were shaking and i asked a friend to pinch my arm and it hurted like hell so i wasn't dreaming. And my friend Muffy was suddenly away and she came back with 2 voodoo signed albums and i got Hyuk! my second bias..lollll (keep on reading) the only think that sucked was that leo autographed isn't really visable probly because the pencil was empty. From where i was standing i could see the hallway to the chancing rooms and above there was a window and i kept staring at it but i missed seeing N but my friend Morena did saw him and started yelling and waving but he looked quickly away and then the lights went off there and Muffy and me saw someone in the dark staring wich we thought it was Hongbin and then i started to concentrate on the hallway and i saw Ravi's hair i think but then i saw someone talking to staff and i only saw his back and i swear it was Hongbin because he has such a nice back and then they came on stage and everyone went seriously nuts and i even spazzed so hard because i was right, i did saw Hongbin's back. When they introduced themself i looked at them and i was like...oh my gawd RAVI you are so much sexier live and i started to spazz again.

The showcase was seriously perfect, i had eye contact with Ravi because i couldn't see a thing so i stood on my toes and my head popped out of nowhere and he looked at me and then my friend Muffy said OMG N is looking at me and i looked at N and saw that he really was looking at Muffy and Ravi was looking at N too and then i looked back at Ravi and he started again until he had to talk, and during HYDE i had eye contact with Ken, and i thought i was gonna die, because Ken is seriously not my bias he is like my 5th favorite of VIXX and suddenly he became 2nd.

before the showcase my VIXX bias list was 1. N 2. Ravi 3. Hyuk 4. Hongbin 5. Ken 6. Leo and then when we came to Paris it was 1. N 2. Hyuk 3. Ravi 4. Hongbin 5. Ken 6. Leo and seriously After the showcase it was 1. Ravi 2. Ken 3. Hyuk 4. Hongbin 5. N 6. Leo.

because when i get close to someone i do not like their biases so Muffy and Morena are both Leo biased but i ship morena with leo and now muffy with N so those 2 are basicly not my biases anymore, i do still like them but diffrent.

the showcase was perfect maybe because of my first kpop expierence but it was just perfect. But after the showcase, my feets were death, my body was death, my brain was death. And it was like 12'am (monday) when we were finally back from the subway drive and then we had to eat, and i was seriously so tired that i just wanted to sleep but i had to eat first. After the dinner and we got back to the hotel we talked about VIXX and we slept at half 4, and we had to get out of the hotel at 11 am so Muffy and Morena and me seriously didn't sleep much, i think in the 3 days we were there we had like 8 hours of sleep.

And i was seriously still in dreamland, dreaming over Ravi and Ken so i slept through all the alarm clocks and Morena even tried to wake me up but didn't work and suddenly i heard Ravi coughing really hard so i woke up threw my pillow against the wall and Morena and Muffy laughed because i was seriously scared and then i heard that they were just listening to VIXX secret night.

Then it was time to get dressed and pack our suitcases and when i looked outside, i saw a graveyard as view. seriously...i will never ever go back to that hotel, i don't care if it's cheap but graveyard was my limit, because on saturday we arrived in the dark so we didn't see anything and sunday we stood up and came back in the dark so we didn't see it.

And then our whole group went to the subway again and got to a station to put away our suitcases so that we could go through Paris easier but i couldn't go anymore, my feet hurted and my whole body because i was so tired so Muffy and Morena and me decided to split from the group (because we were so tired) when we arrived in chinatown, and they went sightseeing in Paris after we went to the kpop store.

The kpopstore was amazing, to see so many kpop-jpop stuff was awesome and i bought 3 albums there (the first time) and after some bubbletea the group splitted up and Muffy and Morena and me went back and then i bought seriously more stuff.

If you go to Paris you really should visit the store because the people there are so nice!
Musica: 44, Avenue D'Ivry - 75013 Paris, FRANCE and their website is www.feelasia.com andasiaworldmusic.fr

the group meeted back where we dropped our suitcases and then we went to the bus and we were still hyper and because of hyperness and a blooper (see video)
we almost couldn't go back home because we needed to calm down. But then after 6 long hours back we were back in the netherlands and i took the train back home and i was seriously happy to be back and to sleep in my comfty bed.

but it was so much fun! so thank you for fun time girls.

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