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[REVIEW] VIXX - Eternity from kpopmusicshop.nl
Today i'll be reviewing VIXX - Eternity album wich was released in korea on 27th of may but in europe it was still 26th of may, wich means it got released on my birthday! best birthday present ever!. And at first i got Leo =.= it's not that i dislike Leo but his stare is just to intense wich was also on the cd but my good friend Gyeobi of  gyeobi.net traded with me because she had N and i really wanted N.

I got once again from kpopmusicshop.nl , why? because kpopmusicshop is fast, if you live in the Netherlands and you buy it before 17:00PM you will have it the next day, they also ship to: Belgium, Luxenbourg, Germany, UK, Italy, Austria, Spain or Sweden.

The Album Cover & CD:
I really like the album cover and the photo's inside are also very nice, and once again no photocard of a member but just a CD with the member on it. The design of the CD is also very pretty, i like how the clock is behind N. And if you remove the cd you see the clock once again broken because of the lightning.

The Photobook:
The album photo's are seriously perfect, i like every single picture of the photobook. But you can clearly see that the designers had trouble with cutting out their hair with and paste it on it clock, because it looks a bit messy. But i can't blame them cutting out hair is like the hardest part.

The Songs:
Eternity is my favorite song ofcourse, i really like the mv and the dance. And the live version is very good. Sad Ending has a catchy beat, when i first read the title i thought it would be a ballad but it's catchy, and it won't get out of my head. Love, Lalala it a song that i would listen on a summer day and do nothing.
And the instrumental of Eternity is also very nice, i actually listen more to the instrumental in itunes.

Random Photo's Of The Album:

I'm giving the album a 9.5/10 and im giving kpopmusicshop.nl a big 10 for delivering the CD and poster quicky.
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