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Hallyucon 2014
so on October 18th, 2014, i went to the first kpop convention in the Netherlands. I had to work first really in the morning 4am, so i had to wake up at like 3am and i was like friday i'm going to bed early (failed) and after not much sleep i went to my work.

After that i went back home to get my cosplay outfit ready, and then around 7:30am i went to the station (with alot of stuff) to pick up Genevieve who lives closely to my town and then we went together to Amsterdam Central. I also spoke a day before with a few people and they asked how to travel there, so we setted up a meeting for around 8.30am to arrive to travel together to Hallyucon.
The opening event of Hallyucon was amazing with dancing we basicly screamed very loud during that, and me and Veronique sang very loudly when they danced on 2PM - Go Crazy! and nobody sang and i was like: "Are we the only one, who knows this song?."

And then the organizer of this event talked about how they came up with this idea, and they asked for a minute of silence for all the accidents that had happend in Korea in 2014 and also for a dear friend for everyone who had passed away in the MH17 disaster because she (Minh) was also a kpopper and it was kinda sad because her funeral was also on the day of Hallyucon but it was a closed funeral so no one could actually go, I think that was very nice of Hallyucon to have a minute of silence for everything that happend. After the opening event we were free to go.

I was cosplaying as VIXX girl Ravi Voodoo Doll with Eternity inspired hair (because my hair is blue) and my make up was done by Muffy. It was my first time cosplaying and it was really fun.
After my make up, i went to her event Running Man and i didn't join but i took some pictures and filmed some parts for my vlog, Wich i still have to make so you guys will see it later.

Running Man event is organized by Dutch Korean Fan Club Muffy is the admin there and the group is specially for Dutch & Belgium kpop fans.

After the first part of Running Man, I walked around a bit with my camera and filmed stuff and then i spotted a friend and talked to her with a bit and asked if she wanted a picture with Soozee and Leigh of EYK because they were selling their stuff at EYK stand (I got a SPUDGY beanie) and she said sure! so i took her picture with them and she even asked for their autographs so i asked my friend to hold it up so that i could take a picture of it.
it was really fun seeing Soozee & Leigh in real life and it was very nice of them to interact with their fans so much while selling stuff.

After walking around so much i decided to buy some albums at KORE stand, I bought so many K-indie albums and a VIXX Leo on wood & two VIXX keychains (N & Hyuk) the admins of KORE were really busy selling their stuff all the day long and i even got a S.M.Entertainment paper bag for my albums that i bought. If you want to to become a member of the facebook group then click here.

I also bought Boyfriend - Obbsession (Jeongmin signed) from a friend before Hallyucon even started and 3 VIXX albums from a other friend also before Hallyucon started they brought the cd's with them because it was the only place where we could see each other on that day.

at the end Hallyucon was very much fun even though i didn't go to the EYK fanmeeting because i was really deadly tired and i already saw Soozee & Leigh and Simon as fangurilla during the day (to bad i didn't see Martina) so i kept my friend Muffy company who was sitting at the EYK stand while almost everyone was inside at the EYK meeting. But for me it was fun sitting with her and another guy and i even got a free I LOVE KPOP rubber band from the kpopmusicshop.nl

So for me Hallyucon was fun and i'll be going next year again!.
due complaing i have removed every single photo of hallyucon and there will be no vlog.
DATE:Sunday, October 19, 2014 TIME:{6:20 PM} COMMENTS:

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