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Hello Welcome on wowbeat
wowbeat.net is graphic and media site started since January 22th, 2014. Wowbeat covers anime cons, concerts and other events.


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14.02.2018 - 25.02.2018: Dreamcatcher 1st tour "Fly High" in Europe
18.04.2018 - 22.04.2018: TEEN TOP Europe Tour 2018



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[PROMO] Boys Republic + Choi Soomin European Tour

Rookie group Boys Republic is coming to europe in July 2015! they will perform 8 shows all over Europe. And they have a special guest: Pianist Choi Soo Min.

July 03, 2015: Paris, France at the Le Divan Du Monde
July 04, 2015: London, UK at the Academy
July 05, 2015: Amsterdam, Netherlands at the Melkweg
July 07, 2015: Köln, Germany at the Werkstatt
July 08, 2015: Berlin, Germany at the Bi Nuu
July 09, 2015: Kraków, Poland at the Fabryka
July 11, 2015: Budapest, Hungary at the Durer Kert
July 12, 2015: Wien, Austria at the Szene Wien

There is 3 ticket categories:
VIP ( for 80 people): Gives very early entrance + meet & greet + signed poster + 2 private songs rehearsal. Prices will be around 90 euro/GBP (depending local taxes)
PRIORITY (for 80 people): Gives early entrance + 2 private songs rehearsal. Prices will be around 60 euro/GBP (depending local taxes)
NORMAL: Gives entrance to great showtime. Prices will be around 40€/GBP (depending local taxes).

You can get your tickets at http://www.b7klan.com/ for more information click on the date links it will  bring you to each event page.

Boys Republic + Choi Soomin in Amsterdam, the Netherlands

For those who go to Boys Republic in Amsterdam on sunday 5th july, it's wise to not wear many clothes because it will be 24 °C, which might not be to hot but it's enough to get you a heat stroke. So here are some tips what you should bring.
  • Water: it's not very wise to drink caffeine because it will raise your heartbeat which means your body temperture will rise. It's also not good to drink extremely cold water because your body will only go down for a bit. What you can do is put one bottle with water in the freezer due over night and bring it with you so when it's hot you can put against your face or put it in your neck, but's not very wise to drink it that cold. So fill lots of other bottles with water and put in the fridge and bring it with you on saturday, you can better bring to much.
  • Go lightly dressed: don't wear black clothes, black takes alot of heat to the body and then you get over heated fast, so wear something colorfull. And put a coat in your back in case it get's cold at night.
  • Sunblock: bring sunblock with you because you do not want to get a sunburn.
  • Umbrella: yes, bring a umbrella why? because then you create a shade and it get's automaticly cooler and do not bring a black umbrella because then it will get warmer.
  • Makeup: don't wear to much make up, make up will isolate your body and brings heat to your face. It's the best to avoid wearing make up from 12:00 - 16:00 the concert starts for the early access at 17:30 PM so you will have enough time to put your make up on if it's needed.
I hope you guys will stay cool and enjoy the concert, dorkistic & wowbeat and cheemchi are giving away a fankit which includes two banners, a stickers and a glowstick, there are only 100 samples of each one so please so not fight over it.

How do i get to the Melkweg?

 You can take the tram, for time times you can check it at 9292.nl the costs with a OV chip card is around €1.22 .

the address is: Lijnbaansgracht 234a 1017 PH Amsterdam.

Event Articles 

wowbeat's nine went to the event and wrote 2 articles about it, one for dorkistic which you can read here and one for wowbeat which you can read here


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