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What do you need?:
- tex1.png & tex5.png from spoiler textures by Misao @natt-liv
- Tex2.png from no more dream textures by misao @natt-liv

Let's start!

Step 1: open tex5.png & tex1.png (spoiler textures by Misao @natt-liv) in photoshop.
Step 2: tex5.png will be your workspace to work with. Copy and paste text1.png on text5.png and set the layer as lighten.

After step 1 & 2 it should look like this

Step 3: Copy and paste tex2.png (no more dream textures by misao @natt-liv) and set the layer as soft light.
Step 4: Now we are going to change the colors with color balance.  Go to layer - new adjustment layer - color balance... a window will pop up and the tone should be midtones, and then add these numbers correctly.

Cyan - Red: -23
Magenta - Green: -29
Yellow - Blue: +20

we are skipping shadows and highlights so that should be all zero.And you're done!

If it looks like this then you have completed this tutorial.

I hope you have enjoy this tutorial and don't forget to credit devilmisao if you post it on the internet like devianart etc.


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