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Hello Welcome on wowbeat
wowbeat.net is graphic and media site started since January 22th, 2014. Wowbeat covers anime cons, concerts and other events.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events in Europe and Malaysia and other countries

29.07.2017: VIXX Fan Meeting Jakarta
30.07.2017: VIXX Fan Meeting Bangkok
19.08.2017:K-pop Musical Concert in Kuching with Rion Five, Matilda and AtoZ

FTIsland - Wind


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- EXO Ko Ko Bop Wallpapers

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Osharecon 2016

Osharecon, the first Dutch convention for everybody that loves Japanese Fashion & Lifestyle! The second edition will be on March 19th 2016 in 't Veerhuis Nieuwegein, Utrecht. Our theme this time will be "Tokyo nights"! Enjoy fashion shows, acts and party with us Tokyo style. So dress to impress and let's celebrate fashion together!

On January 30th, 2016 there is also a Oshare Pre-Party: Shibuya VS Harajuku at De Speler Thorbeckepark, Utrecht for more information on that go to the event page

Ticket Price:
Pre-Party Ticket:  7.50 Euro
Regular: 15 Euro {This ticket gives you premission to enter Osharecon 2016}
Combo Ticket: 20 Euro {Wanna go to the pre-party and the Osharecon? then buy this ticket}
Deluxe Ticket (Limited): 25 Euro {You will get a goodiebag, a booklet with coupons for the Oshare Con Dealers, a delicious welcome drink, more to come!}

Buy your tickets here: http://www.osharecon.nl/tickets
For more information go to: http://www.osharecon.nl/

If you have any questions for osharecon then go to their facebook page and send them a message, they are very quick with answering all of your questions.


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