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[EVENT] HIGH4 coming to Malaysia in September!

Debuted in April 2014, this quartet gained interest as their debut song, Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms was featuring Korea's favourite, IU and there was also a song featuring Lim Kim. And NewProstar Sdn Bhd is bringing HIGH4 to Malaysia!

HIGH4 First Showcase Promo Tour Malaysia 2015 @ Seremban Prima
Date : 4th September 2015 (Friday)
Venue : Seremban Prima
Time : 7.00 pm

HIGH4 First Showcase Promo Tour Malaysia 2015 @ Summit Subang USJ
Date : 5th September 2015 (Saturday)
Venue : Summit Subang USJ
Time : 4.00 pm

HIGH4 First Showcase Promo Tour Malaysia 2015 @ Hartamas Shopping Centre
Date : 6th September 2015 (Sunday)
Venue : Hartamas Shopping Centre
Time : 2.30 pm

This boy group is under NAP Entertainment, and their recent comeback song was in June, which is Baby Boy. It has an easy going beat which is also addictive in terms of the music as well as the choreography. For those who wants to know more about the boys, here are their profile, taken from NAP's Artist Profile Page:

Click Image to enlarge.

Do you know that there is a  HIGH4 MALAYSIA FACEBOOK GROUP created last year? You can still join the group and relive the group page now to show your support to the boys!

And check out their debut MV featuring IU, followed by their other music video's:

They are coming to Malaysia for a showcase starting from 3rd of September until 6th of September. Stay tuned for more information regarding the event!

dorkistic.net is doing a fankit and food support for fans and HIGH4

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