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[TUTORIAL] Design Tutorial 001

What do you need?:
- Norn9 Itsuki scan 1 from Minitokyo
- Norn9 Itsuki scan 2 from Minitokyo
- Itsumo Graphic Texture Three by snowmanjester
- Spring Texture #9: 3.jpg by jiuyue0417
- Optional:
Optimus Princeps font by dafont
- Optional: Master of Break font by dafont

Step 1: The wallpaper size i used is 1366x768 that is the size you will be working with. Resize Norn9 Itsuki scan 1 so that it fits your wallpaper and place it to the right side.

Step 2: Resize Spring Texture #9: 3.jpg by jiuyue0417 to 1366x768 and paste it on top of itsuki scan 1, and set the layer as linear burn.

Step 3: Resize Norn9 Itsuki scan 2 so that it fits your wallpaper and place it to the left side and set the layer as soft light. Erase everything that get's on Itsuki scan 1 with the eraser.

After step 1 & 2 and 3 it should look like this
Step 4: Resize Itsumo Graphic Texture Three by snowmanjester so that it fits your wallpaper, then add it to your wallpaper and set the layer as lighten.

Step 5: Add a new layer and open the pencil tool (press B) and change the color to #e6e6e6 and draw a line around your wallpaper. I used as pixel size: 6px. After you are done set the layer as linear burn.

After step 4 & 5 it should look like this

Step 6: Install Optimus Princeps & Master of Break fonts on your computer, you can also use a other font that you like ofcourse. Type itsuki Kagami and use for itsuki Optimus Princeps semi bold (48pt as size) and for the K use Master of Break (OT1) (70pt as size).

Step 7: Drag your text to the big line near itsuki's face and go to edit - transform - rotate. On the top of photoshop you will see symboles and numbers and these number correctly (if you don't understand see picture below)

X: 325,40 px Y: 306,45 px W: 100,00% H:100,00% and the last one should be 18,6

then go to your layer section on the right, and make sure your layer is the text layer  right click then you will see blending options and click on it.

Step 8: Look for drop shadow and click on it: set the blend mode to normal and as color: white. Opacity should be 78% then in that same list find stroke and click on it. Set stroke size as 1px  blend mode should be normal and use as color: #d1bdce .

If it looks like this then you have completed this tutorial.
 I hope you have enjoy this tutorial and don't forget to credit snowmanjester and jiuyue0417 if you post it on the internet like deviantart etc.


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