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Hello Welcome on wowbeat
wowbeat.net is graphic and media site started since January 22th, 2014. Wowbeat covers anime cons, concerts and other events.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events in Europe and Malaysia and other countries

09.07.2017: MATENROU OPERA IN AMSTERDAM (NL) 27.07.2017: VIXX Fan Meeting Kuala Lumpur
29.07.2017: VIXX Fan Meeting Jakarta
30.07.2017: VIXX Fan Meeting Bangkok

VIXX - Shangri-la


Find out what is new on the site

- Top Affiliation Buttons are being replaced.
- Affiliation Buttons are being replaced.
- VIXX Wallpaper


Top Affiliation

Alicante-Design Dorkistic Heart Station Itsumo Love Dust zyglavister
Here are the top affiliation listed, give them a visit.

How to apply as affiliation?
Apply in the shoutbox if you want to be on the affiliation page. How ever it doesn't guarantee that i will accept you because i only have 15 slots for normal affiliation. To be a top affiliation, you need a good decent layout and content. There will be no discussion if your site is good, wowbeat will decide on that.

I had you as affiliation but you have removed me?
If i have removed you then your site didn't work or it was inactive. Once i month i do a affiliation sweep and if your site is not working, you will be removed right away. If your site is inactive for months (i check it, so i know)  you will be removed. Also if you open up a new site and failed to inform me then your old site will be removed from this page and your spot will be going to someone else.

The Top Affiliation
Alicante-Design Dorkistic Heart Station Itsumo Love Dust zyglavister

awklekioh eccentricity forbiddenl0ve redvelvet luckystorm star-drops unbreakable taintedwingz

Wowbeat's Buttons
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Site's that are worth to visit



The Pink Pearl

Listed at:
 image host

You can find gifts that i got from people.


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