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20161230Rising idol groups, MAP6 (MinhyukJ.Jun, Sign, Sun, J.Vinand HALO (Dino, InhaengOoonJaeyongHeecheonYoondonghad successfully wrap up their first joint concert, New Year Eve K-Pop Party 2017 in Malaysia on 30th December 2016. The concert was held at Galaxy Banquet, HGH Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur and was attended by fans who come not just from Malaysia, but also from Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and JapanHalove (HALO’s fandom name) and Mapsi (Map6’s fandom name) couldn’t be any happier as they got to celebrate early New Year eve with their favorite idols!

The concert started off with MAP6 heating the crowd up with 파람 (Whistle)the second track from their first single album. Their charismatic stage appearance didn’t stop there as they continued their performance with a dance breakMapsi who were at the concert couldn’t get any luckier as MAP6 prepared the dance break especially for this concertMAP6 proved that they’re talented idol group when they pull off such cool choreography.

Earlier, the boys introduced themselves in Mandarin and they said that they learnt Mandarin for about a month. When they’re asked about some Malay words that they’ve learnt, Minhyuk excitedly said Apa khabar? (How are you?and khabar baik (I’m fine). The boys also said Saya sayang kamu (I love you) to the fans and they even sang Rasa Sayang which then received loud cheers from the fansWhen the MC asked them how they feel to be in Malaysia, J.Vin said, it’s good to be back to Malaysia and meeting the fans here would be more memorable to him.

The excitement continued as they performed their debut song, Storm and also their Japanese songs, Cover with Love and Love StoryThe crowd get hyped up once again as the boys were choosing their lucky fans to be on stage for the game session. In the game session, the boys taught the lucky fans the dance point of Swagger Time and maknae (J.Vin) team won the dance battle. MAP6 wrap up their performancwith  (Push and Pull) and Swagger Time. 
HALO took over the stage and started off with Mariya, followed by Surprise and Come on Now. They received loud cheers from the crowd as they performed the first three songs one after another, non-stop. They also performed Feel So GoodWhile You’re Sleeping and Fever beside serenaded Haloves with two ballad tracks, Nothing on You and Just for You. HALO who donned black suit that night, appeared more charismatic than ever when they pull off such great performances from start till the end.

HALO who come to Malaysia for the first time mentioned that they love the hot weather in Malaysia and Inhaeng also said that he feel honored to be in Malaysia and meet their fans here. When the MC mentioned about Malaysian foods, Dino said that they would love to try all Malaysian traditional foods though it might be spicy for them. After a short talk session, they move on to the game session and surprisingly, Dino chose a male fan to be his partner for the dance battle! Dino team ended up won the battle and the MC jokingly said that his team was chosen to be the winner because the fans were jealous of the lucky female fans who was on stage with other member.

After a short break, both group were back on stage to greet the fans again. When the MC asked how they feel about their performances, MAP6 said that they’ve prepared a lot before the concert but they’re not sure whether the fans are satisfied with what they’ve showed since they don’t have enough time to show everything that they’ve prepared. Meanwhile, HALO said that it’s a bit sad that they don’t have enough time to show all performances that they have but they’re looking forward to come here again and showcase their performances. Before they move on to selfie and autograph session, they celebrated surprise birthday party prepared by the fans for Dino, Ooon and Sun. The birthday boys couldn’t hide their happiness and they also mentioned that they’re surprised and feel thankful for the surprise birthday present prepared for them.

Despite not having enough time to show everything that they’ve prepared, HALO and MAP6 did their best for their fans. “We will leave Malaysia tomorrow but that doesn't mean it's an end because we will come to Malaysia again”, said HALO Inhaeng as his last few words to their fans and MAP6 J.Jun said that he will go back to Korea with the memorable memories he spent with the fans here. MAP6 and HALO successfully wrap up their joint concert with selfie and autograph session with the fans.

We would love to thank YiPin Studio for the invitation. We had fun and we wish all the best to MAP6 and HALO. We hope everyone has a great start in 2017. Happy New Year!
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