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Name: W
Korean name: 더블유
Episodes: 16
Duration: 1 hour and 10 min. per episode
Aired: July 20, 2016 - September 14, 2016
Genre: Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Melodrama, Romance, Suspense, Thriller

Oh Yeon Joo, a cardiothoracic surgeon, is the daughter of Oh Sung Moo - a webtoon artist, who went missing as he was writing the last chapter of ''W'', his webtoon which is really famous in South-Korea. Yeon Joo decides to go to her father's office, only to see a scene of the main character Kang Cheol, in blood. As she finds out something of her father to read, a hand from the monitor on which the scene was drawn, pulls her in. She finds herself on the rooftop of a building, next to a man who is lying down in blood. After she manages to save him, she realizes that the person she saved only moments ago, was Kang Cheol. After a while she finds out she can enter and leave the webtoon only based on the change in Kang Cheol's feelings.

Review by Astrid:
Okay, first of all: Lee Jong Suk. After looking for a drama where he appears, I had decided to watch W, a friend of mine recommended it. And wow, was it worth all my time and feelings that I've put into this K-Drama.
Whenever I watch a K-Drama, I always have to hope that the female lead isn't too reckless or even rather annoying. Han Hyo Joo did a great job as female lead! Never once did I think her character was annoying.
The friendship in the series between Lee Jong Suk and Lee Tae Hwan was great as well. Not to mention the friendship (or 'friendship', as you might notice in the series) between Lee Jong Suk and Jung Eugene was incredibly cute. Jung Eugene's character (as the second female lead) was great too, both female leads did an amazing job!

Now that I've fangirled about the characters and the actors/actresses, let's get started about the story of W. I got to admit that at the first one or two episodes, I was really confused on what was going on. Why did Yeon Joo get pulled into the webtoon by Kang Cheol, and most importantly: how? Luckily, everything was explained the more you watched the series. I mean, duh, would be weird if they didn't explain anything at all, right? They didn't rush anything, though. If it was explained, it was explained thoroughly and in a way everyone would understand. For me, this is one of the first K-Drama's that didn't include any boring, slow, episodes. Everything went fast enough, understandable enough, and I got hooked every episode. So many things happen per episode, that you can't just stop waching!
So in other words: the storyline was amazing, the characters were amazing, and the character development was definitely there!
The only thing I was very disappointed with was the ending. But I won't spoil what happened, go and see for yourself! Let us know what you thought of W!

Overall: The characters + character development was just great, choice of actors/actresses were great. The storyline was the one thing that kept me hooked, everything went fast enough but wasn't rushed. Only the ending could've been done better, that was the only thing that made me dissatisfied.

Rating out of 10: 8,0.


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