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[REVIEW] ANIME: Danganronpa: The End of Hope's Peak High School

Name: Danganronpa: The End of Hope's Peak High School
Japanese name: ダンガンロンパ3 –The End of 希望ヶ峰学園
Episodes: 24 - Future: 12 | Despair: 11 | Hope: 1
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Aired: Future: July 11, 2016 - September 26, 2016 | Despair: July 14 2016 - September 22, 2016 | Hope: September 29, 2016
Genre: Action, Mystery, Horror, Pyschological


Future Side:
Episodes from Future Side continue the adventures of Naegi Makoto, from the first season, after he and the others escaped Hope's Peak. Naegi and the others - Kirigiri Kyouko, Asahina Aoi, Togami Byakuya, Hagakure Yasuhiro joined the Future Foundation. However, Naegi Makoto is being arrested for betraying the Future Foundation and trying to defend the Remnants of Despair.

Just when his fate is about to be decided while standing beside Asahina Aoi and Kirigiri Kyouko, Monokuma manages to hack himself into the system only to announce a new killing game. The Killing Game is started by showing off the body of one of the Future Foundation members.

Despair Side:
This part of the story is about class 77-B from Hope's Peak High School, the class before Naegi and classmates entered the school. The story mainly follows the cheerful teacher Yukizome Chisa, who has to try to control the whole class and make sure they follow each lessons as their homeroom teacher.

The story also follows Hinata Hajime, an ordinary boy from the Reserve Course, who has no talent and is definitely longing for one. He meets Chiaki Nanami, a student from class 77-B who does give him some hope. However, when he votes in to join for a secret project within Hope's Peak High School, he brings the whole school and even the world in danger.

Side: Hope: 
Side:Hope is a special episode which has to be watched after finishing the other two sides. Side:Hope is meant get rid of all the despair that some people had, to recreate the world. This is also the final storyline for Naegi, his friends and Hope Peak's High School.

Review by Astrid:
First I want to say: way better. It's so much better than the first anime. There are so many details that have been put in all 3 parts of the series - I really enjoyed watching this one. Everything was confusing yet became really clear in the end, and honestly I didn't have many questions after I finished it, while I did after I finished the first series.

However, there is something that really needs to be known: 


Yes, this is a thing. Why? Some people think you have to watch all the episodes of Future Side at once, and then Despair side, then Side:Hope. Please don't. You will spoil yourself for Despair Side if you watch all the episodes of Future Side at once.

This is my guide per episode of what to watch:
01. Episode 1: Future Side  |  02. Episode 1: Despair Side
03. Episode 2: Future Side  |  04. Episode 2: Despair Side
05. Episode 3: Future Side  |  06. Episode 3: Despair Side
07. Episode 4: Future Side  |  08. Episode 4: Despair Side
09. Episode 5: Future Side  |  10. Episode 5: Despair Side
11. Episode 6: Future Side  |  12. Episode 6: Despair Side
13. Episode 7: Future Side  |  14. Episode 7: Despair Side
15. Episode 8: Future Side  |  16. Episode 8: Despair Side
17. Episode 9: Future Side  |  18. Episode 9: Despair Side
19. Episode 10: Future Side  |  20. Episode 10: Despair Side
21. Episode 11: Future Side  22. Episode 11: Despair Side (FINAL)
23. Episode 12: Future Side (FINAL)  |  24. Episode 1: Side:Hope (FINAL)

Whenever I recommend this series to my friends, this is the very first thing I tell them. You don't want to spoil Despair Side, because in my opinion that is the best part of these series.

Now, moving on to the actual review and my opinions. Sorry - but I really needed to let you all know, in case you watch it the wrong way! This is also the order for when the episodes were aired.

Future Side: Did I enjoy Future Side? YES! Do I want more? YES. It was heartbreaking, though. Of course my favourite died, I'm not telling who, don't worry. Is telling you that someone died a spoiler? You do know that this is Danganronpa, right?

Anyway. The characters really had their glow-up, even Hagakure. They got some new designs that definitely fit them! As for the new characters: Totally love them! They really added something to the story, whether it was their personality that kept the episodes going, or something that happened in the past.

Honestly, I can't say a lot without spoiling. But if you loved the winning characters from the first series, definitely watch this!

Despair Side: I looked so forward to this one, and it didn't disappoint. I had played Danganronpa 2 on my PS Vita before this came out, so when I heard it was going to be about the school time of those characters, I got really hyped. Again - no disappointment.

I'm so glad I got to know the characters even more, before of all that happened in the second game. How did everything happen? When did it happen? How did it happen? Why? Everything was explained so well and thoroughly.

It made me understand every single thing that had happened in the other parts of the series and even of the games.

You really shouldn't miss out on Despair Side, as it will answer almost all of your questions that you might've had before!

Side: Hope: I think this is both a fun and good special episode! It involves around Komaeda Nagito, one of the main characters from Despair Side. You either love the guy, or hate him. I don't think there is any in between.

His character has been showed very well - yes, he can be very caring and worried. Didn't expect that one, right? Anyway, all I can say that this episode will be pretty satisfying after all you've gone through. I'm not saying you're not going through something in this special episode, though. You will, but believe me - you'll be satisfied in the end. That's all I can say!

Overall: Really worth watching, from the beginning of Future Side to the final episode of Side:Hope. Everything is clear and understandable!

Rating out of 10: 8,5.


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