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Hallyucon 2017

Sunday, 19th of November, I had the opportunity to attend Hallyucon in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Hallyucon is a convention focused on South-Korea, such as k-pop, k-beauty and other South-Korean related things. Hallyucon isn't just a convention where you can buy stuff, but also do a lot of stuff.

There are many workshops - dance workshops, food workshops, there even was an escape room that you could do, related to k-pop!

I will write down my experience below, and an interview with three people about Hallyucon and k-pop. I went with my friend, Anna, as Nine was attending DCC (Dutch Comic Con). She was helping me to interview people, and when to take pictures of things, which was great! The location was amazing, there was enough space, everything was set very well - the setup of the dealer-room was clear, and the room(s) with activities were also very clear.

The staff was incredibly nice - usually when I attend events, it's just a quick hurry and that's about it, just walk in and enjoy. Maybe because we were a bit on the late side but they took time to talk to us, about what activities there were and how to recognize other staff members in case we had questions. In short - great help, and very nice. Many events could take a good look at the staff of Hallyucon!

The dealer-room was straight ahead, followed by the food court where you could buy Korean food and some bubbletea. The space used for the dealer-room and food court was great, there was enough space to walk around and even sit down. Usually the dealer-room is full of people so walk on your own tempo is usually a bit unusual. But my compliments once again to Hallyucon for the setup.

Next up the activities. Unfortunately we couldn't join any activities beside the escape room, so let me tell you more about that. The escape room came with a reservation that you had to do beforehand with the staff of the escape room, and a very small fee of only 1 euro.

Since we were with only two people, and the maximum was six, we were put up with four other people and had a lot of fun.

The escape room was difficult but that means it was very challenging, right?

We had also decided to interview some people - we asked three people three questions. First, we interviewed Lilian and her friend Manpreet.

Manpreet (Left) & Lilian (Right)

Interview with Lilian:
Tell us something about yourself! 
My name is Lilian, I'm 19 years old and I'm from Smeelde. I currently do a study for Pastry Chef.

How did you get to know about Hallyucon? 
Through Facebook. I saw the event page of Hallyucon.

Where did your interest in South-Korea come from?
I accidentally put a song of Super Junior on my MP3-player. I was in class while listening to that song, and suddenly a girl in my class asked if I was listening to Super Junior - I said I had no idea, and she suggested me a couple of songs.

So I did, and then I got to know EXO - I got very interested back then.

Interview with Manpreet:
Tell us something about yourself! 
I'm Manpreet, I'm 21 years and I live in Zwolle. I also study for Pastry Chef.

How did you get to know about Hallyucon? 
I'm a member of the Dutch Kpop Fans-Facebook group, where they shared the event page for Hallyucon.

Where did your interest in South-Korea come from? 
I honestly don't exactly know how, but I was listening to f(x) and got to know other groups. Right now, I'm a k-pop fan for about five years.


Interview with Mchenee:
Tell us something about yourself! 
I'm Mchenee, I come from Curacao and currently live in Emmen. I'm 18 years and I also study for Pastry Chef.

How did you get to know about Hallyucon? 
I heard from Hallyucon thanks to my niece!

Where did your interest in South-Korea come from? 
My niece let me listen to a song of BigBang, and thanks to that I got very interested in k-pop.

Even though the interviews are rather short, I really want to thank these three amazing girls for their time, and I hope they had a good time at Hallyucon!

Overall Anna and I really enjoyed Hallyucon - and we for sure want to attend next year as well.

Also a huge thank you to all the staff members and volunteers that made Hallyucon possible. You all did an amazing job. We are looking forward to it next year.

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