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October 28th, 2017 marked the memorable moment for the main actor of drama 'My Secret Romance', Sunghoon and his fans during the fanmeeting event held at KLCC Plenary Hall on that day. Dubbed as 'Korean Drama Night with Sunghoon', thousand of fans came to the event to see their favourite actor up close.

Sunghoon kicked off the show with a very energetic performance of 'Pumping Jumping' with his labelmates, idol group The King as his back dancers. Sunghoon proved us that he's an all round entertainer as he's not only can act, but he also can sing and dance.

During the interview in between of the performances, he mentioned that he have tried mee curry and it suits his taste. He also want to try Malaysia's authentic food, nasi lemak as he heard that it's very delicious. He then revealed that he's actually a very shy person.

What a twist! Been asked about what he do when he has free time, fans thought he would say work out, but he said he actually really love to watch movies at the cinema. When he's talking about his drama, Sunghoon mentioned that there's an episode during the shooting of the drama where there's no swimming pool scene in the script but they decided to do it since they thought it would come out great and he's glad that fans likes that scene as well.

While Sunghoon getting ready at backstage for his next performance, The King's maknae, Bawool together with the new actor Lee Pando took over the stage and performed a ballad track called 'First Snow' (첫눈) and the audiences were awed by their great vocal.

When the MC asked about the place for Malaysian to visit in Korea, Sunghoon recommended Gangwon province as we can witness the beauty of the winter sea. He added, since Pyeongchang Winter Olympic will be held soon, he think that it's a golden opportunity for tourists to experience winter and witness winter Olympic game at Gangwon province. Upon being asked how he would describe his hometown Daegu, he said lots of restaurants and variety of foods and seafoods can be found there but the downside of Daegu is it's extraordinary hot during summer.

Before his labelmates, idol group The King take over the stage, Sunghoon had a game session with his fans and the lucky fans got themselves a copy of his limited autographed photobook.

The King (Sejin, Choi Rang, Donghyeok, Seungjae, Bawool) took over the stage and performed a total of three songs; Look Back (통수), Makes Me High (눈꽃), The Ocean and You (바다, 너랑).

The crowd was surprised by the appearance of Sunghoon during the third song and he actually sang together with The King. It's a memorable moment for The King's fans as well since it's the first time for The King to visit Malaysia and through this event the fans are able to meet their favourite idol in person.

The King's main vocal, Donghyeok recommended youngsters to visit a place called Manglidan Street when the MC asked them to suggest any nice place for the youngsters to visit when they're in Korea. (Manglidan Street is getting popular for coffee shop and unique restaurants). Choi Rang, Seungjae, and Bawool recommended Jeju Island, Hongdae and Gangnam respectively. Sunghoon who was on stage together with The King jokingly said his home is a nice place to visit.

The crowd was then hyped up once again when The King's leader, Sejin together with Lee Pando and Hoseong took over the stage and performed a popular song by Big Bang called 'Blue'.

The amazing performances didn't stop there. Sunghoon is back on the stage to show off his vocal as well as his dance skill. He performed 'You're The World of Me' which is one of the soundtrack for the drama 'My Secret Romance'. He also performed his very own song, 'My Style' which is from his first single album. Sunghoon once again captured thousands of fans' hearts with his amazing performances.

Sunghoon and The King as well as Lee Pando and Hoseong were so thankful for the supports and loves showed by the fans in Malaysia. To not disappointed his fans, Sunghoon is back on the stage as DJ Roii and showcases his amazing DJ-ing skill. It's absolutely an unforgettable moment for Sunghoon's fans.

We wish Sunghoon a success in his career and will continue to become a great actor in the future. Thank you to KTO Malaysia and IME for inviting WOWBEAT.


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