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[REVIEW] J-DRAMA: Aogeba Toutoshi

Name: Aogeba Toutoshi
Japanese name: 仰げば尊し
Episodes: 8
Duration: 45 min. per episode
Aired: July 17, 2016 - September 11, 2016
Genre: Music, School, Youth

Hikuma Koichi, a former saxophone player who has turned his back on music due to the aftereffects of an accident, becomes the advisor of a small brass band at a run-down high school. He has to deal with problem students who have lost their dreams as well as the teachers’ opposition to a professional musician entering the classroom. The path is not easy for him. Even so, Hikuma rediscovers his dream, confrontsthe students head-on and starts to coach the band. Despite their bewilderment, the students begin to reciprocate his passion for music.

Review by Astrid:
The reason I decided to step off from a K-Drama review to do a J-Drama review, is because this is literally my all time favourite drama ever. I will be honest about this review, though. I do have a lot of positive things to say about this, but also a few negative. Very few, though.

Let me start with my first thoughts. When I started watching this drama, I was really just watching this because of the music-genre. I honestly hadn't read what the whole story was about, making it all a surprise to me. I do have to admit that the start was a little slow, so you'll have to get through that. Once Hikuma enters the school, it's where the fun begins.

I immediately got hooked when I saw Ren (portrayed by Mackenyu) and Hiroto (portrayed by Murakami Nijiro). The personality of their characters were badass, and of course that is a thing I really love about dramas - they often have a change of heart which causes an amazing character development!

When it comes to music, it's amazing. My brother and I really loved the music used in this drama, as well as the music that the characters have to perform. It's classic music, so you will also be educated about some of that.

The one thing that this drama doesn't have - and don't be shocked, is romance. And that honestly satisfied me so much. I've watched a lot of dramas thinking; ''this would've been better without all the romance.'' ''the romance was so unnecessary''.

The end, however, really didn't satisfy me. I've had so many rollercoasters while watching this drama, you really get pulled into the story as if you watched it up close, as if you're part of it. So when the characters get hurt, they definitely let you know why and prepare you for the feel train.

About the end? See for yourself! Let us know what you thought of Aogeba Toutoshi!

Overall: One word: amazing. I've rewatched this drama about 7 or even 8 times so far, I keep taking a trip on the feel train but I also keep loving the story and the characters. The drama is so underrated, so please watch it!

Rating out of 10: 10.


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