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BLACK6IX Promo Tour Party In Malaysia

BLACK6IX, a six member boy group under Black Hole Entertainment (Taeyong, Yongseok, Jongwoon, Ziki, Yey, The King) had successfully ended their promo tour in Malaysia last Monday and Kuala Lumpur is their first stop for their first overseas activity. BLACK6IX Promo Tour Party started on 29th November at Cheras Leisure Mall and Black6ix continued their promo tour at Quill City Mall on 30th November 2017 before they went to Penang for the last stop of their promo tour at Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang. BLACK6IX also had a close interaction with the fans at a private
fanmeeting which was held at KL Seafood Market on Monday, 1st January 2018.

BLACK6IX performed a total of 5 songs at each venue in which 3 of the songs are their own song (Please Don't Go, Universe, Like a Flower) from their first and second single album. They also prepared 2 cover songs of BTS (Fire, DNA) and they caught Malaysian fans' heart with their energetic performances! During the promo tour, the fans get to now BLACK6IX better through the Q&A session in between performances.

The fans also had a chance to interact much closer with BLACK6IX through game session, selfie/photo session and also fan signing session.

During the promo tour in Penang, Jongwoon mentioned that since this is their first promo tour oversea, they feel thankful for the warm support from the fans and they hope Malaysian fans will support them till the last day of their promo tour in Malaysia. Being asked about their future plan, Taeyong as a leader said that they'll prepare for their next album after they end their overseas activities.

After Malaysia, BLACK6IX is going to spread their wings to Japan and meet the Japanese BLACKPEARL soon. The emcee also asked Taeyong who he would pick as a leader in the team if he's not the leader and he picked Yongseok because Yongseok is the eldest in the team.

Below are some of the Q&A with BLACK6IX:

Q: Do you have anything that you want to say to the fans?
Jongwoon: We're surprised to see lots of fans were waiting for us at the airport. We're thankful and thank you so much for coming to see us today. We also have been waiting to come here for so long and I hope that Malaysian fans will show lots of love to BLACK6IX.

Ziki: We couldn't expect a lot but thank you to the fans who come and support us. We will work even harder for the fans.

Q: What is your ideal type?
Yongseok: pure/innocent appearance
Ziki: A girl who can cook very well. I think all men want a girl who can cook.

Q: Any food that you hope to try in Malaysia?
BLACK6IX: We tried nasi lemak but it's spicy for us. We can't eat spicy food very well.

Q: Where would you like to visit when you're in Malaysia?
Yongseok: I would love to go to the traditional market in Malaysia.

We hope that more kpop fans will get to know this talented BLACK6IX and we wish BLACK6IX all the best! Thank you Yipin Studio for inviting WOWBEAT to BLACK6IX Promo Tour Party in Malaysia.

More photo's are on our Facebook page

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